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door GijsKrabbenborg
Hi, Ive recently bought an 1989 Golf MK2 1.6 which came on some 15 inch alloy wheels. I've been trying to find out what wheels they are exactly and all I can find is that they are 'Imola' wheels. Does anyone know more about these? what did they come on? How common are these?
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door JUUL
There's a part number visible on the wheels which led me to this website. There is some additional information on there as well which might be of interest to you. It states the wheels are oem for MK3 Jetta, Golf and Golf Cabriolet and were issued from 1997 through 1999 :tu:
door GijsKrabbenborg
@JUUL Thanks :). I did already know about the 14 inch varient being an option on the mk3. Mine are 15 inch, which I can not really find any information on. Something Ive seen is that they where an Canada only option on the mk3, but I dont know if this is true.

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