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door MihaiBogdan93
Hello all,
My Dutch is not that good, so I will write in English and translate with google translate.

Recently I become the owner of a VW Golf 4 1.8T GTI 3 doors. The car is chip tuned at 200hp, but with no official dyno run. I bought it as a project car and have plenty of things to fix on the car. One of them is the door lock barrels.
On both doors, I am missing the connection between the lock barrel and the door lock mechanism Afbeelding or Afbeelding. I found several repair kits online which show the parts I might need. The problem is most of them are stated that are for 4/5 door cars, but mine is a 2/3 door. Does anyone know if those repair kits can be used for both 3 and 5 door cars? Or do the dimensions differ?

Does anyone have another solution for the missing part? I will also attach a photo with what I currently have on the car.
Afbeelding or Afbeelding

Sinds kort ben ik in het bezit van een VW Golf 4 1.8T GTI 3 deurs. De auto is afgesteld op 200 pk, maar zonder officiële testbank. Ik heb hem gekocht als projectauto en heb genoeg dingen aan de auto te repareren. Een daarvan is de deurslotvaten.
Bij beide deuren mis ik de verbinding tussen de slotcilinder en het deurslotmechanisme . Ik heb online verschillende reparatiesets gevonden die de onderdelen tonen die ik nodig zou kunnen hebben. Het probleem is dat de meeste ervan voor 4/5-deurs auto's zijn, maar de mijne is een 2/3-deurs. Weet iemand of die reparatiesets voor zowel 3-deurs als 5-deurs auto's kunnen worden gebruikt? Of verschillen de afmetingen?

Heeft iemand een andere oplossing voor het ontbrekende onderdeel? Ik zal ook een foto bijvoegen met wat ik momenteel op de auto heb.
door patrickmk3
hi there can you upload the picture's again because the are not visible at the moment.
than we can maybe help you out
door MihaiBogdan93
Hi, in order to see the pictures, right click on the picture and select" Open in new tab" I tried to use both imbgur and light shot upload links, but they show up like this.
Will copy links here as well:
Photo 1: https://prnt.sc/26saw4r or https://imgur.com/a/ptAEjP3

Photo 2: https://prnt.sc/26sax03 or https://imgur.com/a/5pID5LX
Otherwise let me know another way how to upload them.
door Mari
Its a matter of using the right links...



It seems you need part #26 of photo 1...
door MihaiBogdan93
Correct, part 26 is the full barrel lock (lock+ connection to door lock).
I don't want to replace the complete barrel lock, because that means having to change the ignition lock+imobilizer+trunk lock.

I found online on Amazon repair kits for these barrel locks, which contain the parts market with blue in photo 1.
Afbeelding If it still doesn't work, please explain how you upload pictures, thanks
My problem is I can only find repair kits for 4/5 doors. Is there a difference in length between 5 or 3 doors cars?

I also considered buying from autodoc a full barrel lock (part 26) and using it as a repair kit, but there is no statement in the description that I can use it for 5 doors or 3 doors cars
door Mari
I prefer to upload pictures to IMGBB

- Go to IMGBB,
- Select picture and upload it...
- Select the right link (BBcode)
- Copy link
- Post link in message
Code: Selecteer alles
Will result in this:


If you want you can shorten the link by removing the URL-tags:
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door MihaiBogdan93
JUUL schreef:3drs and 5drs barrels are interchangeable :tu:

Thank you very much. Will order the repair kit from Amazon.
Am i allowed to post the link in case anyone else needs it ?

Mari schreef:I prefer to upload pictures to IMGBB
Thank you
door MihaiBogdan93
Will order from Aliexpress only if i don't need the part anytime soon, but i want this repair kit ASAP.
Besides that I am pretty reluctant to order outside EU anymore. I ordered a part from UK: the part costs 12E, paid 10E for transport and 7.8 E for taxes in Nl. that means almost 65-75% of taxes.

I ordered this from Amazon (9.59E): https://www.amazon.nl/gp/product/B07M6C ... UTF8&psc=1
door MihaiBogdan93
MihaiBogdan93 schreef: 13 feb 2022 19:35 I ordered this from Amazon (9.59E): https://www.amazon.nl/gp/product/B07M6C ... UTF8&psc=1
Update: As stated above, i ordered the repair kit above (which is intended for 5 doors VAG's) and i tried to fit it on a golf mk4 GTI 3 doors.

To sum up, i managed to fit it and repair the barrel lock, but it wasn't without struggle.
The cilindrical part in the kit was not fitting so i had to use the old one. The other parts in the kit are definitely not focussed on correct dimensions. I don't have the original ones, but all of them seem to be a little thicker than normal. So when you asemble and add up all the tolerances, you can't insert the locking U shape part.

I had to sand down most parts, especially the U shape locking part. After sanding down and using some force, i managed to asemble.

I wouldn't recommend the kit as an original repair kit, but with some struggle you can use the parts
door JUUL
That's a risk when using non-oem parts, the fitting isn't always spot on and varies from part to part....even if they are from the same manufacturer. Either way, thanks for the feedback and happy to hear you could sort it out anyway :tu:
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