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Hiking is an expensive and relatively specialized hobby, and hiking equipment must be chosen with care. A pair of specialized hiking pants with the perfect fit and functions will help you on the hiking trail.

What is the advantage of hiking pants over jeans? The answer simply is comfort. Regular pants or trousers are made of cotton. This type of fabric absorbs a lot of water and dries slowly. It will stick to your skin and irritate the skin.

Hiking pants are often made of nylon, which hardly absorbs moisture and dries very quickly. It is often made with nice pockets and functional spaces to store things like GPS, map, pocketknife, energy bars, etc. while waling.

Picked For You: https://thekinglive.com/how-to-clean-hiking-boots.html

A good pair of hiking pants should offer sufficient pocket space. Some manufacturers also offer other smart extras for the pants, such as lace hooks, which protects you against mosquitos, or pants that can be tightened around your lower leg, to fit nicely in your boots.

Two important things that you must consider before buying a pair:

Ask yourself how intense are you going to hike with these pants?

If you know that you might sweat a lot, or you will be walking on rough terrain, go for synthetic fabric, which breathes and dries quickly. Some models also contain elastane for that extra stretch, so that your thighs are comfortably stretching when you hike on a slope.

For less intensive trips, go for lighter pants, synthetic mix with cotton materials for a roomier feel.

How is the temperature outside?

During cold weather, we would recommend choosing warm hiking pants lined with fleece materials. Trousers with thicker fabric also work, it is slightly less warm, but it breathes better.

If you already have a light hiking pants, wear extra protection like woollen leggings underneath, this should do the trick!

In case you are hiking in warm weather, consider zip-off pants. These are super handy because you can transform them from long to short pants in no time!

Last but not least, in case it rains heavily, wears waterproof rain pants over your hiking pants.

And if you are looking for the best hiking pants on the market , you are at the right place!

Now that we have covered some for the general information, from now, we will be reviewing some of the best men's hiking at all price points, so that you can choose one pair that is suitable for your upcoming hike trip!

1. Quechua MH550


These are the best backpacking pants for spring all fall because with these pants you no longer have to choose between long pants and shorts! It is versatile and changing that style takes no time at all! It feels comfy thanks to the breathable and quick-drying fabric that stretches in two directions.

What Makes These Pants Stand Out?
  • Light stretch fabric, 15% elastane with pre-shaped knees -> more freedom of movement
  • The light synthetic fabric that can stretch two ways will not make you sweaty
  • Very lightweight. 430 g in size L (including a belt)!
  • Very versatile. Convert into shorts without taking your shoes off!
  • The synthetic fabric is breathable and dries quickly
  • Four closable pockets, two side pockets, one back pocket and one thigh pocket
  • Elastic waist, removable belt, adjustable lower legs
2. FORCLAZ Trek 500

These pants are the best pants for hiking in winter. This is a durable pant with padding, perfect for exploratory trekking on snow and ice. It is lined with mesh up to the knees for better protection against the cold.

What Makes These Pants Stand Out?
  • Windproof fabric, roughened on the inside for good insulation -> keep you warm
  • The robust fabric on the areas to be protected -> extra protection
  • Waterproof fabric and sealed seams
  • Long zip cords and press studs that are easy to handle with gloves
  • Two side pockets with zipper to keep your belongings safe, two cargo pockets
  • Classic straight cut
  • Pre-shaped knees with openings for removable knee pads -> easy to open/close
  • Adjustable waist, adjustable and detachable suspenders
3. Quechua SH900


These pants are perfectly made for those who regularly walk in the snow. It is stretchy and windproof. Warm, light and water-repellent are its strong points. The fabric is stretchable and can provide plenty of room for movement.

What Makes These Pants Stand Out?
  • Good thermal protection thanks to windproof fabric roughened on the inside
  • Water-repellent treated fabric. The rain will not be absorbed
  • Blended with 9% elastane fibre -> stretchy
  • Zipper on the side at the bottom of the legs for easy entry
  • Thin and light fabric that let moisture escape well and dries quickly
4. Fjallraven High Coast Hike Trouser

These pants are fashionable, rugged and durable. It is great for hiking adventures and any outdoor activities, just in case the rains might come.

What Makes These Pants Stand Out?
  • Fitted style
  • Stretchy fabric that satisfies both breathability and mobility
  • Rugged, featured a crotch gusset and elastic belt for extra utility
  • Zippered leg pockets for your essentials
We have just quickly introduce you to some of the best pants for hiking that you can find for upcoming hiking trips this fall and winter. We hope some of the tips have helped you know what to look for in a pair of hiking pants. A good pair of hiking pants will make your hiking trip more comfortable and functional.

We hope you have enjoyed the read, please support us by giving this a like and share it with your friends! See you very soon in other useful articles!
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